Comfortable underwear

Every action you take to take care of yourself and improve your quality of life is an act of self-care, and by achieving this, you will soon have balanced self-esteem. This not only reflects in the care of your body or your skin, it goes beyond, such as the choice of underwear to make you feel comfortable.

After being in isolation for more than a year because of the pandemic, we have been even more concerned about comfort. Already during the pandemic we ended up changing our work clothes because we were in home office and started to use the so-called stay-at-home clothes, which are more practical and pleasant pieces.

And it wasn't only the basic clothes that got a different look, because lingerie and underwear also conquered their space in the comfort category. We are increasingly seeking to feel good with pieces that provide this, as in the case of the bra, where we are looking for something light, maybe even without the hoop that often hurts, with a wider strap and that supports the bust with practicality and quality, an most confortable bra.

We also want to feel good with best underwear with a modeling that doesn't squeeze us, some of them are seamless and others are well structured, a little wider and also not uncomfortable.

We start to value even more our health and comfort, so we look for lighter pieces and fabrics that provide this, such as polyamide fabrics because it has a softer and delicate touch that adapts to the body, besides being easy to wash and dry.

Cosmolle works with high-tech garments and ecologically correct products, using polyamide collagen yarn from fish scales that are recycled and transformed into this fabric and 3D printing the products, which makes the garments breathable and guarantees a rash-free skin. Its underwear manufacturing is made with collagen infusion, which not only makes you comfortable, but also helps with skin elasticity. The bulges used in the bras are 40% lighter than those found in the market.

It is worth knowing the store and its many different models of comfortable underwear.

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  1. Olhei em silêncio e, fascinado, em silêncio me deixei ficar ... olhando
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  2. Lindas as peças, é sempre bom vestir peças que trás um conforto, gostei muito dos modelos bjs.

  3. Bem legal essas peças. Elas parecem bem confortáveis.

  4. Parecem ser bastante práticas, se não me engano já tinha ouvido falar
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  6. Não conhecia a loja! Vou dar uma olhada!

  7. Parecem ótimas essas peças Mel.
    big beijos

  8. Ótima postagem! Parecem muito confortáveis.

    Beijoos ;*

  9. Minha mãe comprou um sutiã com esse material confortável e é maravilhoso. Uma libertação pra quem não gosta de usar sutiã. bjs
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