Silicone Products

Products made of silicone are an innovation that is here to stay, silicone is a synthetic polymer that is heat resistant in composition to other materials, and has its advantages in maintenance compared to other utensils and is less harmful than plastic, for example.

Silicone is a raw material found worldwide and can be seen in many different forms, products and consistencies. Besides its high durability it is also a great ecological alternative, being found in the most diverse types of products such as for skin, hair, household utensils, toys, among others.
As it is a very resistant material, it lasts at least 10 years and withstands high and low temperatures, besides being inert and super safe. The parts made with silicone have their advantages, such as not staining, being able to be bent without losing their original shape, being easy to clean, to store, and also not retaining odors.

Do you know the silicone tattoo skin? They are silicone pieces that imitate skin for those who need to practice tattoo skills. They have an excellent quality material and are soft and non-toxic. The pieces are malleable and the sensation to the touch is very similar to our skin, being possible to use both sides for several practices.

Other silicone-based products are wholesale silicone teether for babies who are starting to grow teeth and need something to bite and distract them from the discomfort caused by their new teeth. Because silicone is odorless and non-toxic, it is safe for babies and provides gentler chewing than other materials, plus it is versatile and its various shapes and textures help babies learn to chew.
For pets there are also several products that we can find in silicone and are widely used for their environmental protection and non-toxicity to our animals, without new substances that cause harm to health. These are pieces such as toothbrushes, slow feeding dishes, bowls for water or food, and some toys like frisbee.

Newtop Rubber manufactures quality silicone products to meet your needs at a price you can afford, and can also provide custom parts. All products are durable and made from the best raw materials that meet all quality control requirements. Its products are used in all kinds of industries and reach the characteristics expected by its customers. The team is always committed to serving you.

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