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Today we are all very attached to beauty and aesthetics mainly body. We live in a 100% digital age where everything is posted on social networks and people feel the need to show and prove that besides a good life, they also have a beautiful body. Soon when we open the networks we are faced with perfect and sculpted bodies, the so-called dream bodies, but what we don't imagine is that behind the cameras and underneath the clothes there is a body shapewear to feel more confident and with self-esteem to be able to post the photo or video.

And we can also use girdles to model some parts of our body that we don't like or are afraid to show and highlight, so we can resort to this method of using this accessory and be carefree with our appearance feeling freer.

There are several models of girdles from those that model only the waist (and also help maintain posture), to the body modelers that go from waist to bust, with straps for greater support or without, with compression for those who have undergone an aesthetic or surgical procedure and need the support of the girdle, and of course, for those who like to train have specific models of double belt waist trainer with lycra fabrics, nylon and neoprene among others everything so that you have besides everything a comfortable workout.

At Sculptche you will find the models I mentioned above and many others as well, with adjustable straps, zipper closure or hook and loop fasteners, all with high quality and affordable prices. It is a store with its own manufacturing that works with the best technologies and invests in design innovation, with everything you need to find the solution to your problems and achieve your goals feeling sexy and beautiful. Besides everything, they ship to most countries and with the best payment options. Just go to the site, choose your favorite models (because yes, you will like several), finalize the purchase, and wait for your order to arrive at your home.


I confess that I love wearing a girdle, because it leaves my waist well shaped so I can wear skirts and dresses and not be afraid to show my body.

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  1. Que sim, são bastante práticas para usar
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  2. Muito legal esses modeladores de corpo.
    Big beijos

  3. Essa loja tem umas cintas bem legais!

  4. Lindas as peças da loja, cintas são essenciais para nós mulheres bjs.

  5. Modeladoras são ótimas para a postura, essas são ótimas!

  6. great sharing

  7. Essas cintas ajudam demais, eu tenho vontade de ter uma para mim estilo corset.
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