Makeup is art

I heard rumors that three thousand years before Christ already had some Egyptians using some makeup such as lipstick, blush and some pigments to enhance eyes and eyebrows.
We talk a lot about makeup and its current technologies, but if we delve into the subject we will see that it comes from ancestry, there with primitive men, because they used some essences on the skin in order to look more beautiful, of course each one within their own culture and religion.

Then we can make the connection with the people of the African continent, where they made body painting using materials of vegetal origin like annatto, coal and clay. At some point, too, in Japan, geisha wore saffron lipsticks, and they were already knowledgeable about our famous rice powder and the rouge they used to make every face contour.
Soon, the makeup begins in Egypt, where people created the cult of beauty for men and women using as a main element henna for face and body painting.
Today we use it in other unnatural ways, but the goal is often the same: the constant pursuit of beauty.
But did you know that makeup only became popular in 1920 on the big screen? Cool huh? That's why she has a great connection with art and expression, because it is liberating, serves as a channel for us to express ourselves and show our personality, because it says a lot about our essence and individuality, after all we use makeup in the way that most likes and feels good, and that's really how it should be.

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