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Makeup nowadays has become a great ally in our daily lives. We can choose a makeup for every occasion, one for work, one for the day, one for the night.
Every day there is a novelty in this makeup, with better quality products and a good range of prices, in which we can play at ease. Today, wearing makeup goes far beyond aesthetics as they help moisturize by having your vitamins.
Wearing makeup has never been and should never be seen as a must, we should like ourselves as we are, and use makeup just to enhance our beauty or disguise something we don't like.
Good makeup gives us security and confidence to face obstacles in our daily lives.

Thinking about it, today I brought some more makeup options that the Word Makeup store has for sale. Remembering that they work with the best brands, have super affordable prices and even several installment options just the way we like.

Since you really liked Huda Beauty's make-up, I made a large selection of several of them that are sold by Word Makeup.
Look at this metallic palette of lipsticks, what a beautiful thing, they have a very different shine that can change the tone of your lips, are 12 exceptionally amazing colors, and keep an eye on that wonderful price.

Now drool on these matte lipsticks also from Huda Beauty, how beautiful, there are 15 different colors for you to use and abuse.

This 3D palette has a whole different technology, with shea butter to make sure it doesn't make flaws, and pearls that capture the light to provide the 3D sparkle, right? Besides having very beautiful colors, let's match ?!
Don't forget that Word Makeup works with several other brands ok? Like Anastasia, Bourjois, Jaclyn Hill, among so many wonderful ones.

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  1. Que essa loja tem coisas bem giras tem sim
    Novo post
    Tem post novos todos os dias

  2. Eu sou louca pelas makes da huda.
    Conheço a loja e fico babando nos produtos.

  3. Fico babando toda vez que vejo os produtos da Huda, são perfeitos demais!

  4. Ai que sonho, dá vontade de sair comprando tudo, Mel. Tenha um ótimo dia, beijos!

    Blog Paisagem de Janela

  5. Essa loja tem preços bastantes baratos, as maquilhagens são originais?

  6. Quanta coisa linda! Adorei!

    Beijoos ;*

  7. colorful!! i like!
    Love your blog, thank you for sharing.
    (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭❤~


  8. Essa loja tem coisas maravilhosas demais